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The Great Russian Ruse



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The Great Russian Ruse

Within hours of downing KAL 007, the Soviets located the aircraft and retrieved the Black Boxes.  The plane was near the island of Moneron, within their territorial waters.  Almost immediately, they began to both threaten and deceive U.S. forces and their allies who were searching for the same thing.  Over a period of weeks, while pretending to search for the plane, the Soviets conducted serious acts of belligerence on the high seas in international waters and carried out a complex ruse to deceive the searchers.  Confrontations escalated to the point of locking weapons on targets, even to the point of threatening with nuclear weapons. 

While the Soviets were threatening US and allied forces and actively working to deceive, they had three sets of divers (two civilian and one military) exploring the wreckage on three separate occasions.  The civilian divers were amazed at what they found and what they did not find! 

We now bring you the detailed account, taken from original sources, of the naval confrontation and the discoveries of the Soviet divers:  KAL 007, the U.S. Seventh Fleet, and the Great Russian Ruse.

This presentation of the evidence has had startling confirmation in the text of a November, 1983 "Top Secret Memo" originally published in Izvestia, October 16, 1992, and now translated into English for the first time.  KGB head Victor Chebrikove and Defense Minister Dmitri Ustinov wrote Soviet Premier Uri V. Andropov as follows: 

"Imitation [Simulated] search efforts in the Sea of Japan are being performed by our vessels at present in order to disinform the US and Japan. These activities will be discontinued in accordance with a specific plan."

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